Welcome to Jagran TV Chicago’s webpage. We welcome all devotees. This website is dedicated to service Meri Maiya’s devotees.

Since 1998, devotee Avi Verma has been working with the Chicagoland community to bring quality religious content to the South Asian community. Mandirs were located over 25 miles away from Devon Avenue, where a heavy population of South Asian immigrants resided. Since then, our goal has been to make access to mandirs, religious events, and religious content more accessible for all of Maiya’s devotees.

Jagran TV was launched in 2003 as a commercial free program on Public Access TV. This program and content is non-for-profit, and aims to give the devotees access to religious content easily and to allow devotees to get Darshan from the comfort of their homes.

The Jagran TV team also organizes Chowkis and Jagrans on a regular basis in an effort to strengthen the Hindu Community of Greater Chicago. We organized the first Jagran in Chicago and have brought Bhajan singers  like Narinder Chanchal and Lakhbir Singh Lakha to the Midwest to support our efforts.

We also conduct Chowkis and Jagrans for devotees at no charge. We perform the Chowki at Shree Radhey Sham Temple in Bloomingdale, IL on the third Saturday of every month. Avi Verma has also released many non-for-profit Bhajan albums which can be found on this website for no cost.

You can follow Jagran TV Chicago and Avi Verma Chicago on Facebook and YouTube, and if you have any questions you can call 773-866-1222. We welcome you to our channel and we look forward to further serving our community.